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Photo frame DADA DIAPO. The DADA DIAPO is manufactured in laminated birch plywood of the highest quality. Equipped with a power supply (small transformer 12v white + white dimmer on red textile cable 200 cm), a ledstrip (15W - 5500K), a diffuser and a print (plate of printed synthetic glass ), This print fits into your DADA and can be replaced whenever you want. To finalize the purchase of your DADA DIAPO, you need to create your print: For this, nothing more simple: upload a picture (photo, graphics, drawing ...) from your computer. Frame your image by moving and / or changing its size. You can also create a print by typing a message, choosing a typo and selecting your colors. Everything is possible ! Supported formats : jpeg, jpg et svg Minimum size : 2000 px x 3000 px Weight max : 10 Mo Frame Dimensions : 55 cm X 55 cm X 1,8 cm Print Dimensions : 47,9 cm X 31,9 cm X 0,3 cm Visible Print Dimensions : 47 cm x 31 cm

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DADA Light

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