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Dye-sublimation printer, the all-in-one reliable performer for on-site photo printsDS620 is the champion of its class, with high speed printing and premium photo quality: it’s the flagship model in DNP’s dye-sublimation printer line-up.It only takes 8.4 seconds to print a 4x6”at 300 dpi. You can choose between many formats, including square size (6x6”) and Panoramic print(1) (6x14” and 6x20”).Plus, DS620 has now the remarkable feature to print partial matte!Ideal for retail customers and photographers, DS620 will perform on any event: Simply amazing!

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DNP Photo Imaging Europe

Dai Nippon Printing (DNP) was established in as far back as 1876, to become the first full-scale printing company in Japan.Today, the DNP Group is one of the largest diversified printing/coating technology companies in the world, with approximately 40,000 employees worldwide. DNP is currently operating 58 plants in Japan and overseas, and activities include commercial printing, packaging, decorative material, electronics, business forms and information media supplies. Expanding printing technology has been a fundamental DNP policy since the 1950s.

Specifically in the photofinishing markets, DNP has been the pioneer of dye sublimating printing technology and is the world’s largest manufacturer of dye sublimation ribbons. In a highly specialised industry, worldwide production in large scale is making sure you are being served on the competitive edge.

DNP Photo Imaging Europe combines more than 20 years of experience in photo printing and kiosk deployment. A key strength is delivering the most flexible and innovative solutions to customer expectations. A full network of distribution partners in Europe and Northern Africa make sure that reliable solutions are accessible in every part of the zone.

DNP has the broadest selection of solutions for the photo retail market and products designed to address retailer’s specific business goals and objectives – backed by the quality and reliability our customers expect.

The company’s chief mission – to make digital photography easy, convenient and fun for consumers by providing retailers and photo professionals with the tools necessary to realise this goal – has helped solidify our position as a leader in retail and photo printing solutions.

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