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Our well-known photo booth is transformed into a multi-function booth that integrates new services for customers! You can now scan, copy and print PDF documents directly from your smartphone or USB key. The booth can also be fitted with an ID scanner and a card dispenser; a real opportunity for government authorities and companies. Indeed, they can use it as well for online passport renewals as for the opening of a bank account! Thanks to its external screen, it is possible to display sequences of images and videos

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  • Professionnels



Based in Grenoble (France), KIS, subsidiary of the group Photo-me International Plc, is one of world leaders in the conception, the production and the distribution of professional equipments of instant photographic printings. 
Research center and development of the group Photo-me, KIS is the inventor of the concept of photo processing in one hour. With more than 43 000 kiosks of printing digital photo and of photobooths installed on 5 continents, the solutions of KIS are all over the world recognized and appreciated.
The listening of the consumers and the control of the technologies are the key factors of the success of KIS. An experience of more than thirty years and its world vision of the market allow KIS to anticipate at the same time the technological evolution  and consumer expectations.

This is the way our equipments are imperative of themselves on their market, making of KIS a major reference.

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