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For more than two centuries, Dunod has continued to be a leader, innovator and standard-setter in the publication of French academic works. Since the merger of Armand Colin with Dunod in 2014, we now offer an even broader spectrum of publications and our catalogue today boasts over 5,500 titles in the fields of science and technology, humanities and social sciences, personal development (Interéditions imprint) and business and economics.

We publish over 350 new titles per year in both print and digital formats and reach audiences from students and academics, to general readers and professionals. Many of our high quality publications are translated and reprinted by some of the most prestigious publishers worldwide.

The Subsidiary Rights & Permissions Department will answer all requests regarding translation rights, re-use of excerpts, tables and figures, subsidiary rights for pre-publication, first serial, paperback and book club editions, dramatic and audio-visual adaptations, as well as digital projects.
We look forward to hearing from you.

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