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Robotphoto Mini One The Robotphoto Mini One is the least expensive selfie terminal in the range. It uses a 12-inch touch-screen tablet PC and the APDV software common to all Clic Emotion photo terminals. It is delivered on pallet capped by a wooden case to facilitate its transport or even its expedition. It has a programmable play of light that highlights it during night uses. With its model printer Mini One is a model "Plug & Play" that usually arises on a table.

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CLIC EMOTION was created in early 2014, under the leadership of Bruno RIPOLL in association with Michel DUCOS, relying on the capacity of invention of the latter for the products aimed at the business of event photography. Clic Emotion designs, manufactures and markets products aimed at the profession of social and event photography. The Selfie Robotphoto kiosk, flagship product of the range, has already been produced with more than 500 copies and equips photographers and event specialists throughout the French territory. The other products in the range are aimed at the markets of tourist sites, museums, hotel residences and amusement parks and amusement parks. Click Emotion, a company with recognized know-how The presence on the ground of the two men leads to create new products. The tandem formed works and customers are at the rendezvous, so far the production is totally French, in less than four years there are more than 500 photo kiosks that have been sold. Innovation is constant at CLIC EMOTION, as such, the company is labeled "French tech".
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