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ALTA SKY is a series of dynamic backpacks with a new take on what versatility can really offer a professional photographer. Vanguard’s design team have created a new standard in adaptable carrying and working solutions, enabling a simple transition from 100% gear to 100% personal as well as setting-up anywhere in between. The result is feature packed backpacks, endless working scenario adaptabilities, reliable gear protection for cameras and drones, personal accommodation and ultimately the most flexible user experience in the field! 

Stands :

  • 5.2 C 073

Complementary information

Product type

  • New product


• Transport of a drone inside and outside

• Direct access to camera from above, side, front or back

• 2/3 access to storage from  top, side, rear and 1/3 from bottom

• Numerous dedicated pockets, connectors, buckles, straps

• Ergonomic bag with harness and comfort belt

• Capacity ALTA SKY 45D: 1 reflex with obj. / 1-3 lenses / computer 13 '' / 1 drone on outside

• Capacity ALTA SKY 51D: 1-2 reflex with obj. / 3-4 lenses / computer 15 '' + tablet / 1 drone inside or outside

• Capacity ALTA SKY 49: 1-2 reflex with obj. / 4-6 lenses / computer 14 '' + tablet / 1 drone inside or outside

• Capacity ALTA SKY 53: 1-2 reflex with obj. / 6-8 lenses / computer 17 '' + tablet / 1 drone inside or outside

• Capacity ALTA SKY 66: 1 reflex with 800mm telephoto lens



The brand VANGUARD designs and manufactures equipment for the practice of photography and video, bringing together a complete range of tripods, ball-heads, photo bags and observation optics. For more than 30 years, VANGUARD has focused on innovation to create the highest quality equipment for professional photographers and enthusiasts at affordable prices. For more information, visit www.vanguardworld.com

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