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With this exceptional hybrid camera, both compact and lightweight, FUJIFILM transcends the notions of digital medium format camera and redefines the high-end interchangeable lens camera. Featuring a revised 43.9mm × 32.9mm CMOS sensor with a resolution of 51.4 Megapixels, the GFX 50s changes the deal! It offers new creative possibilities to photography, inaccessible to the medium format to date. With its compact "Hybrid" design, "All-Weather" construction, with a large 51.4Mp sensor and a large range of lenses, the GFX 50 meets the highest quality conditions of shooting, from portrait to reportage, from culinary to high mountain. In less than 5 minutes the user can shoot perfectly, as simple as an X-T2, and its light weight make it the ideal device for the perfect picture quest.

Stands :

  • 5.2 C 038


- CMOS 4:3 (33x44) sensor of  51,4 Mp
- Design : Medium-Format « Mirrorless »
- X-T2 Style and design : 5 min hands on !
- « Real Time »Electronic Viewfinder
- New G mount
- Fast AF, up to 425 zone
- 3,2" Touch and 3D tilt 2.36MP screen
- Wi-Fi camera control



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