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Winner of the Tipa 2017, the ALTA PRO 2+ tripods are equipped with the multi-angle column "MACC", a single central column, allowing a fast, simple and intuitive positioning in any angle, with a possible rotation of -90° to + 90°, to encourage unlimited creativity and greatly improve results in all areas of photography, landscape to the macro!

Stands :

  • 5.2 C 073

Complementary information

Product type

  • New product


Unique multi-angle "MACC" center column for shooting from any angle
• Ultra-stable hexagonal central column
• Spirit level on canopy
• Intuitive and fast installation
• 4 gradual leg settings in angles 20°, 40°, 60°, 80°
• Solid as a rock on 3 inclined rubber feet, to match any terrain
• Quick locking of the height, by torsion of the legs
• Available in Carbon or Aluminum Alloy and Rugged and Lightweight Magnesium
• Carry bag included 



The brand VANGUARD designs and manufactures equipment for the practice of photography and video, bringing together a complete range of tripods, ball-heads, photo bags and observation optics. For more than 30 years, VANGUARD has focused on innovation to create the highest quality equipment for professional photographers and enthusiasts at affordable prices. For more information, visit www.vanguardworld.com

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