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Compact and lightweight, the VEO 2 tripods are carried everywhere with you, in your carry-on baggage, in a backpack. The system of exclusive rotation of the central column ensures a minimum of bulk during transport and a quick set-up during installation. The legs in 4 or 5 sections lock quickly and securely in place by simple twist, making no compromises in terms of stability or work load capacity (up to 8 kg).

Stands :

  • 5.2 C 073

Complementary information

Product type

  • New product


• Ultra compact and quick to install, thanks to the rotation of the central column

• Quick locking of the height, by torsion of the legs

• Solid as a rock on 3 inclined rubber feet, to match any terrain

• Flexible adjustment of the leg distance in 3 angles 20 °, 45 °, 80 °

• Adapter for very low angle photography

• Includes QS-60S quick-release fastener and carrying bag


• Model 204AB equipped with Ball VEO 2 BH-45* with 4 kg load capacity

• Models 235/265 equipped with Ball VEO 2 BH-50* with 8 kg load capacity

*Ball Head equipped with a large locking wheel, friction control and 360 ° panels, 1 bubble level, QS type Arca



The brand VANGUARD designs and manufactures equipment for the practice of photography and video, bringing together a complete range of tripods, ball-heads, photo bags and observation optics. For more than 30 years, VANGUARD has focused on innovation to create the highest quality equipment for professional photographers and enthusiasts at affordable prices. For more information, visit www.vanguardworld.com

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